10th Anniversary
~2008 – 2018~


Local showcase for your inspiring, enjoyable & healthy solutions
to the difficult social, environmental & economic issues
which confront us regionally, nationally & globally.

Family-friendly event, exploring innovative skills & ideas,
activities & experimentation in sustainable lifestyles & livelihoods.

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th May 2018


This is the 10th year for Spring Greens Fair, and what began as a Networking event for 100 people involved in local Transition Town Activities has grown to over 1,000! Very different from your average Fair or Carnival, Spring Greens isn’t about selling you things you don’t need, or deafening you with noise; but instead aims to inspire and educate while providing a fun and relaxing day out. Visitors have often comment on the intimate, peaceful atmosphere at the event; greatly enhanced by our lovely garden venue. The Fair is a unique blend of presentations, discussions, activities, stalls and entertainments. All in the beautiful relaxed country setting of Court of Noke, thanks to the generous support of Edward & Emma Bulmer and family. Spring Greens is a Networking Gathering made by the participants for the participants. Bring an activity, exhibition or performance – share your inspiration.


If you are Going to the Fair, you can watch demonstrations of traditional crafts and new technologies; listen to live music and poetry; attend talks and discussions on anything from local conservation to carbon credits; meet old and new friends; buy organic plants and green products; enjoy freshly prepared food and drinks; join interesting and amusing activities; expand knowledge on guided walks; or just stroll around the beautiful grounds of Court of Noke.

If you are interested in entering our annual Photography Competition – The Rubbish Cup all of the details can be found on this page.

Please see Fairground Attractions for details of this year’s event, or if you would like more information get in touch via the Contacts page. All the latest Spring Greens Gossip can be found on the Latest News page. Otherwise have a look around the website and read our visitor feedback below.

Clippings from our visitors books: