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First established in 2008, by 2013 Spring Greens Fair was formally incorporated as a registered society; described as a family-friendly networking event for mutual education and the demonstration of innovative ideas. We learn from the past, live well in the present, and look to make a brighter future, whilst having lots of fun along the way.

The event was organised by a small collective of volunteers who come together to set up and run the fair every year until it became clear that the same people were taking the same responsibilities year after year but less & less “community help” – I think we felt somewhat taken for granted!!?

Then COVID threw it’s spanner into the works and we had to abandon plans for 2020. Big Al, Richie’s right-hand man, great networker and enabler had died suddenly in the winter of 2019 and things can never be the same again! Several of the founding crew had had enough of their official responsibilities and we wound-up the top-heavy Co-operative bureaucracy in 2021.

This year we re-Spring under the encouragement and care of our hosts, Edward & Emma Bulmer & family : )