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Activities 2018

Amongst the Trees Healing Arts Dome Mind & Body Gym
Geodesic Domes
Georgiana T-E
Yoga for Kids & Adults
Rowan Griffiths
“Trees Walk & Talk”
Saturday 12:30
Lyonshall Healer James Gee
Family Healing & Advice
Jane Meredith
Creative Breaks
Laurie Lewis
Chai Tea around the Fire
TableRound Yurt Word Lab. Marquee & Craft Exploratory
Rebecca Finney
Word Lab.& Chatter Chamber
Rebecca Finney – Doodlebug
What’s in a Word?
Angela Martin – All InterActive
Cartoon W’shop – Inclusivity
Jenny Ogden
Wildlife Roleplay Insects
Evolving Democracy
TableRound – Social Tool
Saturday 13:00
Stone Carving Activity
Developing Process Nigel S. & Susana Piohtee
TableRound – Formal Form
Sunday 13:00
Carolyn Hindmarsh
Wood Carving Activity
Big Dome
Plastic Fantastic Arts! H2 Observatory
Els Johnson, Jane Denny Tace & all
Road-Spill Shrine & Re-Use Land Sculpture
Grant Jesse
World of Water – The Future Shape of Water
Wye & Usk Foundation Incl. local Curl Brook Project
Stream Dipping Curious Equatic Beasties