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Activities 2017

Dutch Barn Market Granary Lawn
Jane O’Conner
Painted Stuff
Ecco Stoves
Mass Heater & Woodburners
Lesley Wickham
Woolly Garments
David Bamford
Affordable Homes
Alexandra Pechabadenz
Continuum Conceits
Pete Linnel
Grow Your Own Home
Angela Soulier
Up-cycled Jewellery
Cymru – Tony Care
Tools For Self-Reliance
Celia’s Creams
Natural Body Care
Helen Monday
Willow stuff
Nancy Nestington Frost
Frostfire Pottery
Julia Parker-Harris
Woolly bits & pieces
Ginny and Amy Le Bailey
Clara & Jed
Water Plants & Dragons
Oxfam Ludlow
Michael Fletcher
Local Honey & Beeswax
Front Lawn Marquee Tree Area
Bella, Jeff & Jon
H-Tree Warden Network
Laurie Lewis
Tipi Living, Workshop & Crafts
Chris & Looby
Applewood Permaculture
Dave Goode
Goode Tomatoes & Wood
Tomas Remiarz
Forest Gardening in Practise
Annette Robinson
Apple Trees
Clare Jenkins
Passiv Haus Display
Elwin, Alastair, Thea
Ideal Mobile Homes
Quaker Homeless Action Gordon Coppock & KLEEN
Cycle-Powered by People
An Electrifying Experience
James Aitchison
Biological Orcharding
Jane Straker
City of Sanctuary
Nick Sherwood
Hereford Community Land Trust
Marin Higgins
Bicycle Repair Demonstrations
(Location Unconfirmed)