Food and Drink

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One of our objectives has always been not to leave anything polluting behind (zero waste), but rather to leave something permanent and useful instead, created by a community effort that is in keeping with the spirit of the event.

In preparation for our very first fair, members helped to construct a beautifully laid out kitchen garden of raised beds, which still grows tasty organic vegetables (the leeks were particularly good this winter).

A main focus for group creativity in previous years has been two clay ovens, built using designs and techniques that make low-fuel water boiling and cooking available in parts of the world where fuel supplies can be limited; mains gas or electricity is unavailable or unaffordable; and safe water supplies doubtful.


The Leisurely Lunch is another feature every year, giving time to simply chill out and socialize over some really delicious food cooked at the site. You might even get to try something new from a mobile wood oven or field kitchen. Creative and community cooking is a delight to organizers and visitors alike.

If you yourself are interested in participating, there is Booking Policy information on our Resources page. All traders or participants are expected to have their own risk assessments covering structures and activities. Information on our Health and Safety policy, together with a template Risk Assessment and Guidance is available on Resources. Please look over that material and then Contact us.