Stalls and Exhibitors

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Stalls and Exhibitors 2017

Dutch Barn Market Granary Lawn
Jane O’Conner
Painted Stuff
Ecco Stoves
Mass Heater & Woodburners
Lesley Wickham
Woolly Garments
David Bamford
Affordable Homes
Alexandra Pechabadenz
Continuum Conceits
Pete Linnel
Grow Your Own Home
Angela Soulier
Up-cycled Jewellery
Cymru – Tony Care
Tools For Self-Reliance
Celia’s Creams
Natural Body Care
Helen Monday
Willow stuff
Nancy Nestington Frost
Frostfire Pottery
Julia Parker-Harris
Woolly bits & pieces
Ginny and Amy Le Bailey
Clara & Jed
Water Plants & Dragons
Oxfam Ludlow
Michael Fletcher
Local Honey & Beeswax
Front Lawn Marquee Tree Area
Bella, Jeff & Jon
H-Tree Warden Network
Laurie Lewis
Tipi Living
Chris & Looby
Applewood Permaculture
Dave Goode
Goode Tomatoes & Wood
Tomas Remiarz
Forest Gardening in Practise
Annette Robinson
Apple Trees
Clare Jenkins
Passiv Haus Display
Elwin, Alastair, Thea
Ideal Mobile Homes
Quaker Homeless Action Laurie Lewis
Tipi Living
James Aitchison
Biological Orcharding
Jane Straker
City of Sanctuary
Nick Sherwood
Hereford Community Land Trust
Gordon Coppock & KLEEN
An Electrifying Experience