Stalls and Exhibitors

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Without our stalls and exhibitors, showcasing traditional crafts, organic growing, green technologies, conservation projects, charities and alternative health and education, the Spring Greens Fair would not be what it is today.


Hidden Plastic: Archrivals of microplastics everywhere…in our air, oceans, food and water.
Microplastic pollution is in our food, water and bodies. We are guessing that you know all about the mountains of plastic piling up on land and floating in the seas. However, did you know we also have a serious problem with small pieces of plastic that break up and are EVERYWHERE? They get eaten by animals, float in our air and are being found in our food supply. Humans, animals, plants and the air all have tiny fragments of plastic…and no one knows how harmful this is to our Planet.
Join us to explore this question of ‘How we deal with Hidden Plastics?’.”

In many cases the stallholders are very happy to offer expert advice or to help people of all ages to have a go at things like garlands, peg loom work, felting and bodging. You will find some of them listed on our Explore Some More page.

If you yourself are interested in participating, there is Booking Policy information on our Resources page. All traders or participants are expected to have their own risk assessments covering structures and activities. Information on our Health and Safety policy, together with a template Risk Assessment and Guidance is available on Resources. Please look over that material and then Contact us.