Going to the Fair

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Spring Greens Fair is held in the beautiful grounds of Court of Noke, near Staunton on Arrow; unfortunately, this has often caused confusion to visitors and to ensure that you spend as much of your time as possible enjoying the fair and not being lost we have collected some useful information here:

  • Court of Noke is not in Stauton-on-Arrow itself, but rather on Noke Lane. Detailed directions are provided on the next page.
  • Entrance to the Fair and car parking are free, so please bring lots of friends with you! As usual, cars are parked entirely at their owners risk.
  • We will be collecting donations towards putting on Spring Greens Fair 2023
  • For your own safety we recommend that you wear some clothes while visiting the fair (failure to comply with this rule may result in you being asked to leave by our stewards). As we sadly cannot control the weather we recommend you come prepared for the British Spring.
  • The beautiful gardens of Court of Noke are available to peruse while you are visiting the fair, but please respect the privacy of our hosts and keep all children under close supervision as there are deep water features.