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The Fair is friendly and human, thought-provoking and fun : )

We still need green woodworkers, musicians, creative play & artistic activities. If you are interested in bringing a display about your local campaign group, sustainable business or offer an activity please contact us.


In a Garden of Culture & Meaning
(see Edward Bulmer’s recent article about the garden at Court of Noke)

After our plans for 2022 had to be postponed; most of the original volunteers retired; we wound-up the original Co-operative Ltd. as it was no-longer fit for purpose. Early this year, our lovely hosts, Emma & Edward Bulmer, with the encouragement of a “Get Your Festival Going Again” grant from HC, offered their full support to enable Spring Greens to re-emerge after the pandemic and invite us to Re-Turn to Court of Noke, and to their beautiful gardens, full of Memory and Meaning.

Their Natural Paint Business has grown enormously and is now poised to benefit from the new-wave of environmentally conscious consumers. Our old compost loos and the dutch barn have been tastefully converted to accommodate their new paint factory.

Since our first Environmental Fair in 2008, Spring Green Fair kept on growing; from a small networking gathering for 60 early Transition-Town activists in Herefordshire, to becoming an annual cultural highlight for over 1,000 souls.

The last 5 years also saw the growth of our days for children from local Primary Schools in the week before the Fair. This year, we are again offering a series of outdoor workshops, gently facilitating collaborations between children from different schools who might otherwise only meet in competition! Yoga, Ecology, Stories & Drawing from Nature to help immerse them in themselves, with each other, in their environment, here & now.

“We cannot protect something we do not love, we cannot love what we do not know, and we cannot know what we do not see. And touch. And hear.” – Richard Louv

In recent years we offered annual themes; “Water,” “The Land,” “F’Air” and 2020 was to have been “Fire” reflecting raging fires around the world. Since I have not been allowed to do “Trees” as a theme (yet!?) and because we have had such a challenging pandemic within the Climate & Ecological Emergency consciousness explosion …. this year just come as you are.

Pssst! Pass it on ………….

Spring Greens Fair 2022 will once again be held at the beautiful
Court of Noke on the 7th and 8th of May.