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Bredwardine Bridge during spate, and partly blocked by floating timber

What if you were faced with a choice between the destruction of 100 family homes and businesses, or 1,000? Record rainfall and tides took effect in the winter of 2013/2014, as another indicator of extreme weather events, and while some turned to the lack of river dredging, others pondered on who suffered most along the course of waterways. With climate and weather impacting on so many people’s lives, in sometimes unexpected ways, there is a real test for the adaptability and ingenuity of human kind, and especially those who (like King Canute) are in authority. See this item from WATER AND WASTEWATER TREATMENT for an industry view of the complex balance between cost savings, natural benefits, and human outcomes in some parts of the UK.



Spring Greens Working Day CoN 15-4-12 116 sm

A main focus for group creativity has been two clay ovens, built using designs and techniques that make low-fuel water boiling and cooking available in parts of the world where fuel supplies can be limited; mains gas or electricity is unavailable or unaffordable; and safe water supplies doubtful.



Spring Greens Fair is a zero waste event. We hate waste, and aim to reduce, reuse, recycle and remove all traces of the event from the grounds each year.

003_Noke 17-3-12 022 sm

At the other end of the spectrum (so to speak) we always like to create something permanent and useful, including a suite of compost toilets which remain a very convenient place of easement at the current venue – still very much open throughout the recession, unlike many other facilities in the area.