Local Conservation


HNTThe HEREFORDSHIRE NATURE TRUST is the largest membership-based wildlife organisation in the area, dedicated to inspiring people about wildlife, acting as a wildlife champion, creating wildlife havens and encouraging sustainable living. The trust is currently engaged in securing the future of the species-rich traditional grassland of Birches Farm near Kington, and is based next to ancient water meadows near Lugwardine.


OrchardOriginsBannerORCHARD ORIGINS is a social enterprise owned by Herefordshire Nature Trust. We teach and practice traditional orchard management across Herefordshire and beyond, ensuring beauty and bounty from the orchards and benefitting people and wildlife. We have proved that our work makes a significant improvement to people’s wellbeing, particularly when recovering from or managing mental illness.

We offer expert tree and orchard management but at this year’s Spring Greens we’re proud to be serving juice and cider – we look forward to serving you.


HEREFORDSHIRE AMPHIBIAN AND REPTILE TEAM works with the Nature Trust and aim to encourage people to learn about, protect and conserve these animals and their habitats. Activities include recording the distribution and population size of amphibians and reptiles throughout Herefordshire, conservation work such as pond restoration, workshops and training days.


The HEREFORDSHIRE AND GLOUCESTERSHIRE CANAL TRUST has the ambitious objective or completely restoring the old canal running from Hereford to the Severn Channel at Gloucester, engaging local communities along the way in the history of this low-energy transport system.Passing through unspoilt countryside, this Canal will provide recreation for tourist and locals alike, whilst providing a natural habitat for a large variety of wildlife.


WATER21is a not for profit organisation, which works with land owners and communities by developing environmental projects that protect against critical flood, drought, and public health risks in the community, while providing water resource management that leads to abundance. They have created a number of on-line videos covering the problems and solutions to water issues.



The MARCHER APPLE NETWORK encourage the revival of old varieties of apples and pears on both sides of the border. Their work has included finding “lost” varieties; fruit identification; establishing museum orchard collections to preserve historic fruit trees; research into traditional cultivation and uses of fruit in the region; recommending planting lists; and providing training in orchard management. You can meet them at shows and events across the area.

JohnMasefieldThe JOHN MASEFIELD SOCIETY aim to stimulate the appreciation of, and interest in, the life and works of Herefordshire’s poet laureate, John Masefield – the author of Sea Fever, Cargoes, The West Wind, the Box of Delights, Sea Life in Nelson’s Time and numerous other collections of poetry and prose. Masefield was born in Ledbury in 1878, trained in Liverpool for work on sailing ships, spent some of his youth travelling and working in America, and returned to England to become a much loved writer on the sea and many other topics for both adults and children.


TERRY ALLEN  is a member of the Liverpool Historical Society, and runs fascinating tours of the City. He has provided very useful information on John Masefield’s training vessel, The Conway, historical background to sea song of the place and time, and clues to the long-standing British connections with United States shipping and culture, which many a land lubber might be surprised to learn.